Monday, August 30

Goodbye Sweet Summer

To make up for the lack of blog entries over the last few months, I have posted a few pictures of how I spent my summer. I guess I've gotten to the point where I don't need my blog like I used to. I have been quite the busy little bee, making appearances here, there and everywhere.

Summer school cramped my style for the first two months but I'm very glad I took some extra courses to make this next year a lot easier. The fun stuff began several weeks ago when I took part in a photo shoot for breast cancer and filmed a local Mazda commercial. Both days saw me getting pampered and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I managed to sneak in Rihanna's concert and many day trip excursions. The highlight was spending a weekend with my very good friend Kyle who made a visit from Vancouver. These trips included several very successful photo shoots. I also had many lazy days hanging out with friends by the pool, going on lunch dates and simply days spent shopping.

It wasn't all fun and games all the time; I did hold down two steady jobs to help pay for my free & easy lifestyle. But I guess when one of those jobs required me to spend all day on a golf course in 30 degree weather, you can't feel too sorry for me...