Saturday, October 2

My Apologies

After re-reading my previous blog post I realize what I wrote could very easily have been taken out of context. There is no other word I take so much offense to than the word "snob". I never claimed to be a professional writer, I'm simply someone brave enough to voice my thoughts over the internet; when you do that you're bound to ruffle some feathers.

For clarification;

A) "going to school with people who inspired me to dress better" -- I simply meant going to school with individuals who expressed their quirky styles in unique ways; they gave me outfit inspiration. Seeing out of the box dressing helped inspire me to add to my own daily outfits. I'm vocal about "sweatpants & ugg boots" but I would NEVER critize and single someone out over wearing them; to each their own.

B) "as usual I'm always the most "over dressed" person -- I'm tired of going places and being judged for the extra attention spent on my outfit selection; I like to get dressed up. I did not mean to sound like I was putting myself above anyone else. There is no happiness in thinking you are too good for places or people and if you've gotten that from my blog I'm truly sorry you haven't been able to look beyond the surface.