Friday, February 4

The Uniform

"I love walking around with you;
you're like my little show pony,
my little JonBenet Ramsay"...

1. Pearsall Suede Wedge Boot - Report Signature Shoes
2. Kasia/Bruna Bag - Marc Jacobs
3. Double Wrap Leather Bracelet - Pandora
4. Leather Cuff - Burberry
5. Blazer - Helmut Lang
6. Makes Men Blush - OPI Nail Polish
7. 3 Pyramid Studded Ring - Need Supply
8. Bowie Top - Mike Gonzalez

I wish everyone felt that I was their prize show pony but most days I feel just like a man-repeller.
I'll let you decide...

Currently Loving --->
BAD GAL:Savage Skulls & Douster ft. Robyn