Sunday, December 27

Cleaning Out My Closet

The inside look you're all secretly DYING to see. Sadly not even a quarter of it

As the New Year approaches I desperately need to clear out the old and make room for the new. This rule applies to more than one area of my life.

My clothing addiction has gotten a little ridiculous, as I see my closet spill into my room and packed away in several storage bins downstairs. That's what happens when you live away from home and move back; at least that's what I tell myself ;)

Here's a list of essentials I feel are a must in any closet:

1. White Button Up Blouse
2. The Little Black Dress
3. Dress Pants
4. Great Pair of Jeans
5. Fitted Blazer
6. Classic Sweater
7. Trench Coat/Pea Coat
8. Skirt
9. Day Dress/Sheath Dress
10. Great Pair of Boots/Heels/Ballet Flats
11. Black/White Tank Top
12. Black/White T-Shirt
13. Classic Bag
14. Cardigan/Turtle Neck
15. Diamond Studs

*as well as a few inexpensive trends of the season