Wednesday, December 30

Happy New Year

Leggings:Poof; Necklace:ALDO

Tuxedo Top:Shelly Court(SecondHandSmoke)

A lot can change in a week, even more can change in a year.
If you told me I would be where I am now, at the beginning of 2009, I would have called you crazy. Well here I am.

It's been a year of happiness&heartbreak, triumph&tears. But I embrace it as my journey none the less.

As I look to the coming year, I look forward to turning the page on 2009 and starting a new chapter in 2010. Keeping memories in the past, I am eager to make new ones. Accepting the things I cannot change, I will make changes where I can. I will keep loved ones and old friends close to my heart and await for those I have yet to meet...

And above all I will look fabulous while doing it.