Friday, January 22

Dress to Impress

Blazer:Sashimi ; Blouse:La Classe Couture; Skirt:Wilfred; Necklace:Thrift Shop

I'm not really a believer in
"Casual Friday's". Lately it seems people are pushing the envelope with how casual they can dress; casual Friday's have now turned into casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... etc.

I'm not saying you need to show up in heels everyday, but if you reflect through your past week of outfits and you wore something below casual attire, I'm talking leisure wear, several times out of the house; we have a problem.

As I have said before,
"dressing to impress, creates success". If you have a role of authority how do you expect anyone to take you seriously. I always love when the student looks better than half of the teachers.

I guess I find it sad that in society today, no one seems to take pride in themselves and what they wear. I should have been born in the 1950's when nobody left the house looking less than perfect.