Sunday, January 17

Feelin' Real Good.. Can You Blame Me?

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't meant to be"

Life continues to amaze/surprise me each and everyday.
I'm sincerely happy with where I am at and the amazing people I have in my life -- some who are
extra wonderful.

Everything truly happens for a reason and I'm grateful for the huge step back/reflection I have had to take over the last few months. My outfits have become extra fierce and I've never felt more positive. If socialite status was available in this city I would definitely be on the list. It's time to focus on MissMegan and I feel like I am on the edge of something great.

It's funny how things&people come in and out of your life; and how the strangest paths cross. I love looking back and understanding that everything I have been through has gotten me to where I am today. Every decision I have made has lead me here and right now
here is exactly where I want to be.