Sunday, February 28

Boys, Boys, Boys

I'm not an expert in Men's Fashion, but I will try anything to see the removal of an over-populated, tattoo like brand. If you know what I'm talking about, you are sick of seeing bedazzled, too-tight t-shirts wandering down the street as well. Unless you are appearing in the next episode of
Jersey Shore, they are not appropriate under any other circumstances.

Spring 2010 RTW Menswear


William Rast

Paul Smith


Any girl
will tell, you she wants to bring home Mr. Right in his slim fitting, dark wash jeans & a nice cardigan/sport coat.

The key with fashion is choosing classics not trends. Trendy = Chauchy. In the words of The Starving Stylist "choose fit+quality over labels". I don't care who you are wearing as long as it looks nice.

I definitely do not want to see designer written all over your outfit. If you're hiding behind labels there may be deeper issues you are trying to cover. Be comfortable without name brands but know when to enjoy them as well.


Men's Must Haves:
  1. Dark Denim
  2. Fitted Polo
  3. Basic Black T-Shirt
  4. Suit/Sport Coat
  5. White Button Up Shirt
  6. V-Neck Cardigan
  7. Grey Dress Trousers
  8. A Single Trendy Shirt
  9. Spring: Military Inspired/Leather Jacket Fall: Trench/Pea Coat
  10. Spring: Tan Loafers Fall: - Brown Boots/Shoes
  11. Quality belt
  12. Watch
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Scarf
  15. Great Signature Scent

*Photos courtesy of GQ