Thursday, April 8

Heartbreak Warfare

Douche Bag: Possibly
Talented: Undoubtedly

I recently went to the John Mayer concert, Heartbreak Warfare, and have now become even more obsessed with his music. I cannot get him off repeat. He was TEN times better live and I recommend you see him perform at least once if you can. Johnny can rock the guitar like nobody's business...

I am however a tad bit disappointed I did not return home Mrs. John Mayer, but must admit I was very close. Here's hoping next time I end up on the tour bus ;)

Currently Loving:
- Belief
- Vultures
- Perfectly Lonely
- Not Myself
- Edge of Desire
- Back to You
- Neon
- Free Falling Cover
- Half of My Heart
- Comfortable
- Friends, Lovers or Nothing
- All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
- Come Back to Bed
- In Your Atmosphere

Photos Courtesy of: Logan Lizzi and myself