Sunday, June 6

CARGOH Culture

DolmanTop: Blazer:Kismet; Leggings: Purse:Rampage;
Necklace:Forever21; Sunglasses:NicoleLee


I'm branching out this summer by accepting an internship with CARGOH, an online social media site.

What is Cargoh?

"You’ve heard of social media? Well, we’re a social marketplace. A place where artists, musicians, designers, and other miscellaneous creative types can build an online presence to not only show and sell their work, but to network and build a community. We’re all of this and more, wrapped up in a user-friendly, inexpensive solution to marketing and selling goods online."

My job will be to continue writing about what I know best... fashion and the great finds I come across in either music or photography. Needless to say I am very excited and about to become very busy.

Don't worry I won't forget about you here. Now you have two places to find my blog posts.