Tuesday, June 15

My World

I'm realizing more and more what a messed up world we live in.
Has it always been this way, only now I'm more aware?

As I reflect on my graduating class, close to half are married or have children. Should I be concerned or thankful that I'm single? Maybe it's just what happens in a small city; or maybe it's what happens when people are afraid of seeing what is on the other side of the bubble they live in.

I guess love these days is if you've known each other 3 months and have yet to find out those freakish qualities of your other half. I'm sorry, after 3 months you just don't know someone. Even after 3 years you can still not know someone.

We all want to find someone to share our lives with, I just don't see the reason to meet and marry before you're legal in the United States. Call me crazy, but last time I checked I was only 20. If I live to be 80, there is no chance in hell I could spend 60 years waking up to the same person each and everyday. There's more to life than rushing to your happily ever after. You might just find it's not always so happy.

I'm not done finding my own way in this world and maybe I am the crazy one, because I believe you have to love and understand yourself before you can love and understand someone else...