Thursday, November 25

You Should Know Better

I can die a happy woman...

It was the concert I have been waiting many months for. It started when my dear friend Kyle called me to say he bought the last two tickets to Robyn's Vancouver concert. It was my birthday present and I was coming like it or not.

For those of you confused about who Robyn is, she is a blast from the past & the face of the future; think "Show Me Love" & "Do You Know (What It Takes)". The tickets were extremely cheap, $30 cheap, and I know prices will sky rocket to $300 for her next concert. I will be slightly annoyed when she becomes insanely popular because then everyone will jump on her bandwagon. Oh well, I loved her before she was mainstream.

Her concert was one of the most unpretentious concerts I have ever been to in my life. She was purely there to perform and make her fans happy. It was completely different than most artists who simply pop in their current CD and go through track after track with all the coordinating choreography. You could tell Robyn felt everything she was singing about and she was genuinely excited to be on stage performing; plus she has sick unrehearsed dance moves and threw in a stage dive.

I normally don't go so crazy over concerts but she just seems like such a sweet & sincere person (I have a friend who met her!!!) that I really hope she continues to climb the charts. If you ever get the chance to see her DO IT. It was so nice to know every word to every song & dance to them all.

Must Listen To:

- U Should Know Better
- Konichiwa Bitches
- Handle Me
- Get Myself Together
- Stars 4-Ever
- Call Your Girlfriend
- Time Machine
- Hang With Me
- Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Do
- Cry When You Get Older
- With Every Heartbeat
- Be Mine
- Show Me Love
- I Don't Want You Back
- The Girl & The Robot
- Fembot
- Cobrastyle
- Bum Like You
- Dream On