Tuesday, July 27


I had a terrible fright today. I was about to compliment a lady on how interesting and "lifelike" her snakeskin bracelet was.... until the head of the snake moved and stared me directly in the eyes. I screamed like a little girl and shook off the creepy crawly feeling. So now I sit here still traumatized and full of tension.

The "beautiful snakelet" did inspire me to fill you followers in on some awesome jewellery . My friend Ashley Insana recently created her own jewellery line Ashley I Designs and I am in love with it.

I met her on a visit to Chicago when she was first starting out. Her talent has developed so much since then and her pieces are hard to keep out of your shopping basket.

"I believe in the elegant simplicity of jewelry and I'm driven by the desire to create pieces that generate an emotional connection"

She is a wonderful full-time Mom and I don't know where she finds the time to manage her line. Her husband has a job that requires them to move quite a bit so right now she is having a huge sale that you can check out here.