Friday, July 16

Like It Or Not

Top:Susie; Skirt:H&M; Belt:Unknown

A question I get asked a lot is "why did you move back here?"; here being my small hometown as opposed to living in Vancouver. I face the disgruntle stares and reply to the "this city has nothing to offer you" with the same response... Sometimes you need to move away to realize what you've got; you find out the things you want to live with in life and the things you can do without.

For me, my realization was that even in all the glamor of a big city, as fun as the frivolous events and fashion shows were, it was a life I could not live forever. To some my biggest downfall is I like my family too much. I'm happy living close to them and I seem to survive by bringing the party to where ever I go. The best part is I have a great familia on the coast I can pack up and visit anytime.

I love fashion and going back to my roots doesn't alter my desire to aspire in the industry any less; perhaps it pushes me more.
Success doesn't come from a city. You have to go out there and make it for yourself. There is nothing more gratifying than succeeding in the place that no one expects you too. For people who don't believe in me I thank them, it only makes me want it that much more.