Tuesday, September 21

Candie Co...

Tops:Candie Co;
Bottoms&Footwear:Various Personal Extras

I love these Candie Co. pictures so much I just had to share them. I met the owner Matt, at school and I was thrilled when he asked me to help out with their Fall photo shoot. We spent a fun night shooting various crazy pictures; it helped to be hyped up on sugar from our oversized lollipops. I'm not ashamed to admit I ate a good portion of mine. Shutterbug Photography has a very cool way of getting across the Candie vibe in the photos.

Candie Co. is a mixture of vibrant, basic and comfortable clothing. It's very popular with the crowed of BMX'ers in my local area; Candie is a very big sponsor for many riders. I always have fun working with them and really love lounging in their zip up hoodie.

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