Sunday, September 19

The Only Exception

Before I even allow you the satisfaction of jumping all over me you must understand one thing;

rules are meant to be broken...

Sweatpants:JoeFresh; Bag:EdHardy

I know, I know...
Sweatpants and Ed Hardy are two of the highest "no-no's" on my list but whateverrrrr. Every rule book has a little "grey" area. The sweatpants are a super edgy version of A.Wang's and the bag has some serious tough love sass; it's great for carting my school stuff.

Do not worry, I'm definitely not converting to some Jersey Shore-bleachblonde-overtanned-overlabeled-wannabe
. Every diva has her down days and when I have mine I at least want to do it fashionably. The bag happens to be my very first purchase from Beyond The Rack; a great place to find designer discounts