Sunday, January 31


If that's the way you love

You've got to learn so much.
If that's the way you say goodbye,
Then this is how it ends.

And I'm alright with it,
Never going to see me cry.

And if I end up lonely,
At least I will be there knowing,

I believe in love.

There's nothing you can do to me

That's ever going to burn me.

So go on and leave my love
Out on the street
I'm fearless
Better believe I'm fearless...

--Colbie Caillat

Thursday, January 28

Beat the Winter Blues

Vest:Highway Jeans; T-Shirt:Guess; Leggings:Anonymous;
Necklace:Forever21; Bracelets:ALDO

With the freakishly warm weather we had last week, I was a jump away from pulling out my sundresses. Unfortunately I was smacked with reality and minus 20 weather, I guess it is only mid January...

However, I am pulling away from the greys and transitioning into the bright color palette that screams Spring. I was feeling a little bohemian the other day and this is what came out.

Tuesday, January 26

All Things Pretty & New

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As long as there are beautiful things to buy, I will continue to have a struggle with my bank account. My closet grows and my savings seem to remain the same, no matter how big the paycheck every other week seems to be...

"I like my money right were I can see it... Hanging in my closet." -- Carrie Bradshaw

Sunday, January 24

From Paris, With Love

I don't know why but Paris has always held my heart. Even though I have never been there, I seem to get caught up in the romantic atmosphere. My room is filled with pictures and Eiffel Towers, while my head is filled with dreams. Maybe one day I will find my Romeo to whisk me away and take me to the "City of Love". I picture street side cafes and flirty sundresses.

Romance aside, what girl can go to Paris and not fall in love with the French Couture. If only my bank account was as big as my desires, but it's fun to dream.

Friday, January 22

Dress to Impress

Blazer:Sashimi ; Blouse:La Classe Couture; Skirt:Wilfred; Necklace:Thrift Shop

I'm not really a believer in
"Casual Friday's". Lately it seems people are pushing the envelope with how casual they can dress; casual Friday's have now turned into casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... etc.

I'm not saying you need to show up in heels everyday, but if you reflect through your past week of outfits and you wore something below casual attire, I'm talking leisure wear, several times out of the house; we have a problem.

As I have said before,
"dressing to impress, creates success". If you have a role of authority how do you expect anyone to take you seriously. I always love when the student looks better than half of the teachers.

I guess I find it sad that in society today, no one seems to take pride in themselves and what they wear. I should have been born in the 1950's when nobody left the house looking less than perfect.

Tuesday, January 19

That Rihanna Rain

W Magazine’s February 2010: Rihanna by Craig McDean

source: TFS

Team Canada

Cardigan:JoeFresh; T-Shirt:HBC

This weekend I celebrated the passing through, of the Olympic Torch, in my city. In true Megan like fashion I took "dressing like the masses" to the next level. I may have the same t-shirt as several thousand other people in Canada, but at least I don't look like the girl standing next to me.

I must admit I am a wee bit impressed with the Canadian Olympic Gear. The vintage/retro vibe is really working and unlike previous years, these are items you may actually want to wear again. Dare I say, I almost want to buy a toque?

Sunday, January 17

Feelin' Real Good.. Can You Blame Me?

"There's nowhere you can be that isn't meant to be"

Life continues to amaze/surprise me each and everyday.
I'm sincerely happy with where I am at and the amazing people I have in my life -- some who are
extra wonderful.

Everything truly happens for a reason and I'm grateful for the huge step back/reflection I have had to take over the last few months. My outfits have become extra fierce and I've never felt more positive. If socialite status was available in this city I would definitely be on the list. It's time to focus on MissMegan and I feel like I am on the edge of something great.

It's funny how things&people come in and out of your life; and how the strangest paths cross. I love looking back and understanding that everything I have been through has gotten me to where I am today. Every decision I have made has lead me here and right now
here is exactly where I want to be.

Wednesday, January 13

Forever in Pattern

Top:Rumors; Leggings:Anonymous; Necklace:Bootlegger

I have fallen in love with plaid this winter, even though the above shirtdress is a gingham fabric.
To me there is nothing else that screams winter the way these patterns do. But be warned, they can also scream gap commercial or lumberjack.

Some tips for executing these patterns fashionable:
- stick to one pattern per outfit
- opt for fitted, tucked in or belted
- do not pair with Timberland's

- less is more

Monday, January 11

Very Vanilla

Cardigan:OldNavy; Button Up:H&M; Watch&Necklace:ALDO

Cardigans have come along way from the days of hearing the word and thinking of your Grandpa's sweaters.

Sometimes there is nothing better than the simple solution of putting on a simple cardigan. I love layering them, especially for those
chillier days in the classroom. Much more sophisticated than a hoodie and definitely less bulky.

I like tank tops underneath but I have become a huge fan of wearing them with a button up shirt -- my new go-to combo

Sunday, January 10

Big Love

"I got to thinking about relationships.
There are those that open you up to something new and exotic,
& those that are old and familiar."

Those that bring up lots of questions
& those that bring you somewhere unexpected.

Those that bring you far from where you started,
& those that bring you back.

But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.

And if you can find someone to love the you, you love, well, that's just fabulous."
-- Carrie Bradshaw