Sunday, February 28

Boys, Boys, Boys

I'm not an expert in Men's Fashion, but I will try anything to see the removal of an over-populated, tattoo like brand. If you know what I'm talking about, you are sick of seeing bedazzled, too-tight t-shirts wandering down the street as well. Unless you are appearing in the next episode of
Jersey Shore, they are not appropriate under any other circumstances.

Spring 2010 RTW Menswear


William Rast

Paul Smith


Any girl
will tell, you she wants to bring home Mr. Right in his slim fitting, dark wash jeans & a nice cardigan/sport coat.

The key with fashion is choosing classics not trends. Trendy = Chauchy. In the words of The Starving Stylist "choose fit+quality over labels". I don't care who you are wearing as long as it looks nice.

I definitely do not want to see designer written all over your outfit. If you're hiding behind labels there may be deeper issues you are trying to cover. Be comfortable without name brands but know when to enjoy them as well.


Men's Must Haves:
  1. Dark Denim
  2. Fitted Polo
  3. Basic Black T-Shirt
  4. Suit/Sport Coat
  5. White Button Up Shirt
  6. V-Neck Cardigan
  7. Grey Dress Trousers
  8. A Single Trendy Shirt
  9. Spring: Military Inspired/Leather Jacket Fall: Trench/Pea Coat
  10. Spring: Tan Loafers Fall: - Brown Boots/Shoes
  11. Quality belt
  12. Watch
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Scarf
  15. Great Signature Scent

*Photos courtesy of GQ

Friday, February 26

I Wanna Fall Down This Rabbit Hole

As I eagerly await for the Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" movie, I was inspired to search out the pictures from the December 2003 issue of Vogue.

They are my favorite pictures ever taken by Annie Leibovitz. I am always captivated by her work. She does such a great job portraying the storyline and its characters in these photos.

Each featured designer created a garment based on their interpretation of "Alice", and was then cleverly matched with one of the fairytale characters. Some, I must admit are very good matches.

Through the Looking Glass: Perched on the mantel in Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere
Down the Rabbit Hole: Chasing Tom Ford's White Rabbit

Drink Me: Oversized and dressed in Helmut Lang
Advice from a Caterpillar: Engaged in a roundabout conversation with Marc Jacobs

Pig & Pepper: Haute Couture Karl Lagerfeld
The Cheshire Cat: A sweet devilish grin from Jean Paul Gaultier

The Mad Tea Party: Christian Lacroix made room at his party
Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Nonsensical tongue twisters from Viktor and Rolf

The Mock Turtle's Story: Donatella Versace makes a fine turtle
Who Stole the Tarts?: The Queen of Couture John Galliano for Dior

Pictures courtesy of:
ogue: December 2003
Natalia Vodianova
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

Tuesday, February 23

Matchy Matchy

Jacket:Forever21; Dress:XOXO; Bracelets:H&M

Since I was 5 years old, I have been in the bad habit of matching my outfit to my accessories. With the help of savvy celebrity inspirations, as well as friends who are seemingly close to celebrities, I have become much better...well sometimes.

Saturday, February 20

Call Me Crazy

Blouse:Ali&Kris Shorts:Forever21; Tights:American Apparel; Necklace:Thrift Store DIY

Are you really surprised? Who else would dare to wear high waisted shorts in the dead of winter. I did pair them with tights; note that tights are not leggings. To achieve legs for days, keep your bottom color palette one solid color. Nothing is worse than a black leg cut off with a grey shoe.

optical illusion works especially well if you are like me and lacking in model height. The best shade I recommend is black. It's the most versatile neutral color and always looks classic.

Thursday, February 18

The Monokini

Swimsuit season is right around the corner and I am finding out how low my level of self control is when it comes to food. Not even Kate Moss and her motto "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" can help me.

Victoria's Secret Swim

I have loved monokini's since I first saw them a few summers back, back when everyone thought I was crazy. "Think of the tan lines!"
Well let me tell you, you do not wear a monokini to TAN in.

Any fashionista knows:
a) you wear this bathing suit strictly for fashion purposes.
Wear while lounging by the pool and posing for pictures while you are off on your south of the border vacay's.

b) anytime you wear a swimsuit you need to protect your delicate skin. Nobody wants to end up looking like the leather on their Hermès Birkin bag. This is why the spray tan was invented.


As much as I love these swimsuits they can be difficult to pull off.
My best advice to avoid looking like a poolside pole dancer:
- stick to one solid color
- no neon or metallic; leave the lamé for Betsey Johnson bags
- keep it simple;
the fewer cutouts the better
- try before you buy

Tuesday, February 16

Little Bit Lazy...

Sweater:Wilfred: Tank:Eyeshadow Jeans:Oldnavy; Belt:ALDO

Even when I try to look like I just rolled out of bed, it still takes me forever to decide what to wear. I have accepted the fact that I am that girl who puts effort into making an outfit look effortless.
As of lately, I have taken a liking to the whole "dressing in boys clothing". These jeans are older than sin but I have pulled them out of the closet in the basement because they simply fit the look. The cocoon sweater is my favorite for lazy days, but what girl does not own this great Aritzia creation.

Sunday, February 14

Confessions of a Shoeholic

"If diamonds are a girl's best friend...
------------- Then shoes are her lover.






Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love....
...and I love shoes.

So I will celebrate my love of shoes today by sharing some pictures of my favorites. I adore every pair I own, however I won't be posting pictures of all my shoes from my "6ft+" shoe rack. And yes, no word of a lie, it really is that tall & I wish all my shoes were included on it.

A fierce listen for V-Day is my current favorite:
----"Love is Blind" by Alicia Keys

Something more mellow:
----"In Your Atmosphere" by John Mayer

Thursday, February 11

A Great Loss...

The Fashion Rebel --> Alexander McQueen

Like the rest of the world, I was stunned and deeply saddened to awake to the news of the death of
Mr.Alexander McQueen. Back in school, when asked who I considered my favorite designer to be, his name was often the first to pop into my head. He was a true genius and master of his trade. It is a great loss for the Fashion Industry and his contributions will undoubtedly be missed.

What breaks my heart is that someone who was at the peak of his career was suffering so much on the inside. As tragic as his death may be, his creations will live on forever & continue to inspire us all.

Fall RTW:2006

Spring RTW: 2008

PreFall: 2009

Spring RTW:2010

Lady Gaga Approved

*Photos courtesy of