Wednesday, October 27

Indian Summer

Top:Freeway Jeans:FlyingMonkey; Sweater:H&M;

With the last of the nice weather my family managed to squeeze in our annual family photo. These black boots I wore have become a staple in my wardrobe; I honestly wear a pair of black boots everyday.

There is just something about basic black that I always fall back on. I really love this lace top because it adds a little feminine extra to what would be a plain black top.

Monday, October 25

Come What May

There's no need to rush to get there.
You are where you are supposed to be.
Just breathe and be

Life is funny, it has a secret way of getting you exactly where you are meant to be. Sometimes the best things come out of the least expected. I am a firm believer that you can't search or force things to happen; when the time is right it will find you and that's usually after you've stopped looking....

It's crazy to think of the life path I have taken but nevertheless I would be a completely different person if I had made different choices; life is just a chain reaction. I would have lived out different dreams and had other ambitions. My path to move away from home and come back again has brought me many friendships that I treasure so much.

I don't regret one single decision I have made because I am so happy with the life I live and the people in it. I sense a lot of good things coming my way...

...everything happens for a reason

Tuesday, October 19

PS. I Made This

I received this book from my Vancouver family for my birthday and I now have the urge to make everything in this book. If you are looking for a great Christmas gift GET IT NOW!!! Skimming the pages has brought out all of my inner DYI Martha Stewart craftiness. There are over a 100 items to make and the best part is they all look so easy! I definitely see a shopping trip to Micheal's in the near future.

The website also features many more accessories you can make simply out of household items. I love this idea of turning my old school supplies into an edgy fashion accessory.

Sunday, October 17

I Let The Bad Ones In...

T-Shirt: ; Pants:JoeFresh; Vest:Urban ;
Necklace:Spring; Bracelet:Unknown

I love the military look and it's been very hard not to buy an entire wardrobe fill with military pieces. The item I love the most are my skinny cargo pants. They are a definite "must try-on" item because the side pockets can sit on a very unflattering area. These pant were a great find at Joe Fresh for $40.

Wednesday, October 13

Change Is Good


GUESS:Black Zebra Pair


I'm one who likes to change up her look from time to time; this explains why I have a tendency to never wear the exact same outfit twice. My most recent changes are situated around my eyes, yes I'm taking about my glasses. Call me geek chic, four eyes, the list could go on; glasses are my favorite fashion accessory. I lucked out and hit a huge frame/lens sale, so I was able to update my look x3.

My last pair were clear and I simply could not give them up this time, so I replaced them with a fresh new style. The Marc Jacob's pair are what I call my "fashionista glasses", making me feel extra edgy. And the third pair are a zebra print by Guess, basic black but with a funky twist.

Monday, October 11

Turning 21

I may be officially legal everywhere but this dress certainly isn't.

Dress:H&M; Belt:Forever21; Shoes:Request
Clutch:Unknown; Necklace:Forever21

Another year older & another year wiser...well wiser for the most part.

Every birthday I get a long weekend to party, a great Thanksgiving dinner, birthday cake AND pumpkin pie. It simply doesn't get much better than that. Maybe that is why October is my favorite month.

I have never felt so loved; thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, cards & presents. I also want to thank everyone who came out and celebrating the big 2-1 with me; it was truly one of my best birthdays
. And I think my party dress stole a look or two on the dance floor...

Monday, October 4

4 Days & Counting...

My birthday dress has patiently been waiting in my closet for well over 6 months; ridiculous I know. I found it back in the spring time and knew it would be the perfect match for my 21st birthday. It's my favorite color, flirty & very fun. Those are all the hints I'm giving away for now...

Saturday, October 2

My Apologies

After re-reading my previous blog post I realize what I wrote could very easily have been taken out of context. There is no other word I take so much offense to than the word "snob". I never claimed to be a professional writer, I'm simply someone brave enough to voice my thoughts over the internet; when you do that you're bound to ruffle some feathers.

For clarification;

A) "going to school with people who inspired me to dress better" -- I simply meant going to school with individuals who expressed their quirky styles in unique ways; they gave me outfit inspiration. Seeing out of the box dressing helped inspire me to add to my own daily outfits. I'm vocal about "sweatpants & ugg boots" but I would NEVER critize and single someone out over wearing them; to each their own.

B) "as usual I'm always the most "over dressed" person -- I'm tired of going places and being judged for the extra attention spent on my outfit selection; I like to get dressed up. I did not mean to sound like I was putting myself above anyone else. There is no happiness in thinking you are too good for places or people and if you've gotten that from my blog I'm truly sorry you haven't been able to look beyond the surface.