Saturday, July 23

27 Club

Rest in peace Ms. Winehouse. It's a tragic shame but your soulful voice will live on.

Sunday, July 17

I'm With The Band

1. Chaser LA
2. Steve Madden
3. House of Harlow
4. JJ Winters
5. Unknown
6. Avanessi

I'm desperately on the hunt for this Chaser LA Van Halen "Live Lion" shirt. I've scoured the internet endlessly only to find my size sold out everywhere. If ever someone is to come across a small, you will be my hero.

Wednesday, July 13

Gone Wilde

Photos Courtesy of: August 2011 Marie Claire

Tuesday, July 12

Family Matters

August Vogue 2011
SJP & Family

Saturday, July 9

Simply Fascinating

Royal Ascot Opening Day 2011

With the royal couple, Will & Catherine, on our soil everyone seems to be buzzing with excitement. I cannot lie I also have caught the Widdleton Fever. I don't know what it is about them that has us captivated; maybe it's the fact I consider them to be my future "in'laws" once Prince Harry proposes.

Sunday, July 3

Nothing Plane About It

Styling: Myself
Photographer: Shutterbug Photography

Well it's SUMMER and that means I have a little more free time to take on a few more projects. After getting in touch once again with the local clothing label, Candie Co., Matt and I were able to shoot his Summer line together.

He is in the middle of taking the brand in a different marketing direction and has asked me to help with the creative direction for the brand. I'm really excited about this and hope that we will have many more exciting shoots ahead of us.

Friday, July 1

Year of 4

...there are no words.