Monday, March 29

Casual Chic

Blazer:CostaBlanca; Tanktop:RazzleDazzle; Necklace:Expressions; Bracelets:Random; BallCap:NYstreets

Well I admit I have been rather lazy over the last week; hence the lack of blog posts & casual outfits. It's tough balancing my single/social/school life...

I know this isn't the blog post you all are waiting for, but I promise pictures from Saturdays fashion show are on their way.

I really love the idea of toning down a blazer. Say all you want about my choice of ball team, you can't deny a girl looks good in a ball cap. The purse is a recent purchase and I honestly wear it everyday; who doesn't like a little hippie love.

Friday, March 26

Who Wore It Best...

While I was in Vancouver I realized I am not shy... at all.
I don't really know why I ever considered myself to be shy in the first place.

What led me to this realization was the fact that I approached a lady on a street corner after noticing she had the same scarf as me. It turned into a great conversation and I managed to get a picture out of it. Turns out she is a writer for a travel magazine.

Just goes to show you, you never know who is walking beside you and there is no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone every now and then.

Tuesday, March 23

Royal T ---> Starving in the City

The Friends

BMC Reunion

Small.City - The Starving Stylist

The Purchases




I apologize for going MIA on you. I made an impromptu decision to head out to Vancouver, my home away from home, for the weekend. My good friend helped me pull off a wonderful surprise since no one knew I was coming.

It was an amazing 5 days with lots of laughter, fashion & a whole lot of edge. The best part of going back was realizing that nothing has changed and some friendships can pick up right where they left off...

I returned home with some fierce new songs, a new list of outfit ideas and of course loads of photos.

Friday, March 19

This Ain't A Dollhouse

Dress:NecessaryObjects; Shoes:ALDO; Necklace:LAExpressions;
Bracelets: ALDO; Clutch:Vintage

*Photos Courtesy of JimMcNally

Dollhouse ---> Priscilla Renea

Monday, March 15

Spring Shopping





My favorites for Spring:
-anything coral, royalblue, or oatmeal
-military inspired
-across the body bags
-thin sweaters
-leather jackets

Friday, March 12

Fierce Fame

"Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams..If you're wondering which way to go, remember your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore" ---> Lady Gaga [April 2010 Cosmo]






I'm coming back as Lady Gaga in my next life...

Love her/hate her, you can't deny she is fierce. She is comfortable with who she is; I mean who else would dare to wear a nude bodysuit in pubic. I find her style refreshing because it is so different&outrageous.

This girl is on top of her game and she knows how to keep people talking about her. The video for 'Telephone' came out today and it certainly is leaving people speechless.

"Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger".

Photos Courtesy of:

Elle Magazine:January - Stylist: JoeZee

Flare:December - Stylist:Anna Trevelyn

Wednesday, March 10

Bringin' It Back

Matthew Williamson Fall RTW2010: Balia

It's not even Spring & the Fashion world is already looking towards Fall. It's been an exciting past few months with the "Big Four" holding their own fashion weeks all over the world.

I was thrilled to see that one shoulder dresses made a return; especially in bold patterns such as the ones pictured.
I would highly recommend investing in one this Spring because they will make a great carry over item to Fall. These dresses make such a statement on their own, but also work well under a great blazer.

Monday, March 8

White Hot

FakeFur Vest:LeChateau; Sweater:JoeFresh;
Jeans:BabyBlue; Boots:LAExpress

As much as I love Fashion, I have never been one to follow the rules. Lately with the nice weather, I have been asked about my thoughts on wearing white. I would say white bottoms are definitely off limits for the months of January & December.

After that you should get a gut feeling of when/what is appropriate. White jeans are okay when paired with t
he right thick winter sweater, but keep the white shoes until you see flowers in bloom.

Please do not take this advice and dress head to toe in white; y
ou'll end up looking like the abominable snowman. Your wardrobe should change from season to season. Keep your lighter colors boxed up during the dreary winter months, it gives you something to look forward to when the nice weather hits.

*Photos courtesy of JimMcNally

Saturday, March 6

Grease is the Word

Blouse:Ali&Kris; Sweater:BananaRepublic;
Skirt&Belt:ThriftStore; Flower:H&M

I should have been born back in the 50's. I absolutely love this era; from the silhouettes right down to bobby socks. I think what captivates me is the fact that dressing well was important to people. Back in those days, people put time&effort into their wardrobe. It was all about how your presented yourself.

It's true, it was a little ridiculous. It was a time of living the "American Dream" but I'm not saying we should aim for that. I'm not a believer in living the ideal life, however there were a few things I wish carried over into today's greasers ;)

Wednesday, March 3

Steal of a Deal

Skirt:NecessaryObjects Top:Balia


I'm notorious for my bargain finds, although I must admit I don't hunt for them like you may think. It's more a case of being at the right place at the right time; and knowing what a good find is. What can I say, the deals just seem to find me. But buyer beware, if it is on sale it's because no one wanted it or it is out of style. You gotta be able work it.

These are some of my steals I found last weekend. I can easily say it was the best seven dollars I ever spent....