Friday, December 31

In Your Bones

Born and blasted into the world you’re a baby brain with wide eyes, chubby legs, and cloudy thoughts. Mom lifts you and picks you, eyes open and close, and fogs rise and settle. Tears stream and faces scream as your swirling brain twists and turns into thoughts…

Nothing makes sense till it does.

Nothing feels right till it does.

Chalk raps on blackboards beside times tables, language stirs sounds into sentences, and stories send you flying into faraway worlds. Book reports and homework inspections, chemistry labs and biology dissections, all fill your spinning brain with numbers and theories and thoughts…

Nothing makes sense till it does.

Nothing feels right till it does.

Teenage sleepovers and late night walks, summertime camps and suppertime talks, keep expanding your mind and your understanding of the world. First kisses and first touches, first fights and first blushes, all fill your heart with dreams, expand your brain’s book shelf, and get you thinking about a life below the surface of yourself.

Nothing makes sense till it does.

Nothing feels right till it does.

But … sometimes challenging lectures or scattering friends, confusing debates without exams at the end, can frighten your mind and scare dreams away, can frighten your life and trade tomorrows for todays. Family pressures and social graces, broken promises from trusted faces, could suddenly swirl you upside down and scatter your mind or dim your heart…

When nothing makes sense …

When nothing feels right …

When it gets scary to realize…

There are no instructions in life…

That’s when it’s time to stop, it’s time to think, it’s time to pause, it’s time to blink. When you hit the end of the year open your eyes and look behind you. When you hit the end of the year open your eyes and look inside you.

Because today you’re right here …

And there’s so far to go …

And today there’s still fear …

But there’s only one way to know …

Feel it in your bones, feel it in your bones, feel it in your bones.

Feel your bones to move forward, feel your bones to move on, feel your bones to forget, feel your bones to carry on… just feel your bones to say you’re sorry, feel your bones to show you care, feel your bones to choose tomorrow, and feel those bones to get you there.

Because when your world sorts itself out, when your head moves aside, when your heart thumps up front, when that blood bubbles inside, well that’s when you know, that’s when you see, that’s when you finally become what you were meant to be.

So whatever you’re thinking about today …. stop trying to choose and choose. Whatever you’re searching for today just look inside for clues. Yes, whatever you’re thinking about just stop and feel instead. Cause when you feel it in your bones you can smile and forget your head.

Nothing makes sense till it does.

Nothing feels right till it does.

Nothing makes sense till you feel it.

Nothing feels right till you know.

Wednesday, December 29

A Little Bit of Style

These are some photos I found from my Blanche Macdonald days. They were used for my styling project and I have always had mixed feelings about them. The actual day of the photo shoot was a complete shit show and I remember being on the verge of tears most of the afternoon. My model showed up looking completely different than her headshot, my make-up artist went MIA mid project and my hairstylist could not understand my vision.

After all was said and done it was a cool experience working with a well known photographer and being in complete control over the final outcome. The styling is not something I'm super proud of but it was the best I could do given my situation.

Monday, December 27


One holiday down & one more to go. These are some old & some new items in my closet to get me through to the New Year...

Friday, December 24

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad...

To whatever you celebrate this time of year, I wish you a very happy holiday season surrounded with friends and family. This is my first post from my new computer and it is just the start of all the more to follow in 2011.

I hope you enjoy the video of the Christmas Story. These kids are so cute and very good actors I must say; the glow-stick dance party is how Christmas should always be celebrated. My favorite parts are played by the star, the sheep and of course the donkey.

Monday, December 20

Free & Easy

Photos: Kt Auleta
Stylist: Kate Lanphear

Sometimes I just want to run away & live like a gypsy...

I know, I know, all I've done for the last few entries is re-post pictures. I'm trying to clean up my computer as much as possible and I really don't want these photos to go to waste.

I wish more than anything that I could get away with dressing like a Mary-Kate Olsen bohemian; but it's really not me and I feel like I'm playing dress up every time I try. I commend Kate Lanphear for her amazing job on this Elle photo shoot.

Thursday, December 16

Silent Like A Lamb

I am in love with these photos...

*Photos Courtesy of : Vikram Pathak

I would go completely 'Silence of the Lambs' to get my hands on those jewels. Check out more of this photographers work. He's just become one of my favorites.

Sunday, December 12


These photos have absolutely nothing to do with any current event in my life; other than providing me relief from studying. I guess they represent the celebration of the end of this semester. Two more days and then I am home free, well at least until Jan 10th. This is a much needed break which I hope will provide a lot of sleep and catching up on errands for me.

Over my break I also plan to get my new computer up and running. I've finally decided to retire my beloved MacBook and upgrade to the new 21.5inch iMac. I'm so excited for it to arrive I can hardly contain myself. With the amount of personal photos and Fashion spread finds, I am needing more space!

Sunday, December 5

Air Mail

Here are a few things I love:
1. Receiving letters/parcels VIA the good old fashion mail courier
2. Forever21 [& their speedy shipping]
3. MINNIE MOUSE [especially combined with the Eiffel Tower]

Minnie is my absolute favorite, if I could be any cartoon character I would probably choose to be her; & really why wouldn't I? She's fashionable, glamorous and she owns the heart of Mickey Mouse.

I was so thrilled when I came across these "Minnie Inspired" shirts from Forever21. Like any avid online shopper of Forever21, you know you have to snatch up an item right there on the spot because minutes later they could be sold out. I was very lucky to get these items in my cyber cart and have them delivered 2 days later.