Monday, June 28

Summer's Here & My Work Has Started

I promise I won't do this every time but...
Especially because my post just went up :)

Thursday, June 24

Free Spirit

Cardigan:Forever21; TubeTop:Susie; Cargos:UrbanLife;
Bag:Giannini; Necklace:Spring

With summer finally arriving, I have been channeling my inner Coachella spirit; maxi dresses are overflowing from my closet. I know they are frowned upon for a petite 5'2 frame but if the Olsen Twins can do it, why can't I...

It hasn't been as warm outside as I would like it to be, so the dresses will have to wait. My go to look has been cargo shorts, tube tops/tank tops and little cardigans. The more prints I can incorporate into my outfit the better. Right now I'm all about the badass accessories like the necklace in these pictures.

Sunday, June 20

Fabulous Father

Tank:Poof; Jean:FlyingMonkey; Shoes:Spring;
Bracelets:ALDO; Necklace:Spring

Like I said before, I am very blessed with two awesome parents who love me very much.

My Dad and I became especially close when I moved away from home; talking morning, noon and night VIA text and iChat on our computers. We had long discussions about bus routes and PhotoShop projects; and he always provided the comfort of home on lonely nights.

He's always been the number one supporter of me; wild crazy dreams & all. Here of some of our latest pictures which involved a day trip out out into the prairies in search of an old ghost town.

Thursday, June 17

If Only The Sun Would Shine...

Spring/Summer 2010...

Paul Smith

Paul Smith:Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson






I'm such a sucker for beautiful clothing. These are some outfits I can only dream about wearing; seeing as a giant black cloud seems to be covering a good part of Western Canada. I'm sick of the rain. If I wanted to be soaking wet and cold every day, I would be living in Vancouver. At least if I was living there I would have an ocean view...

I must say, the collections this year make Spring 2010 my favorite season to date. There was such variety between designers, almost every trend I love was covered; from military to tribal influences, strong blazers over feminine pieces and colors of coral, cream and army green.

Tuesday, June 15

My World

I'm realizing more and more what a messed up world we live in.
Has it always been this way, only now I'm more aware?

As I reflect on my graduating class, close to half are married or have children. Should I be concerned or thankful that I'm single? Maybe it's just what happens in a small city; or maybe it's what happens when people are afraid of seeing what is on the other side of the bubble they live in.

I guess love these days is if you've known each other 3 months and have yet to find out those freakish qualities of your other half. I'm sorry, after 3 months you just don't know someone. Even after 3 years you can still not know someone.

We all want to find someone to share our lives with, I just don't see the reason to meet and marry before you're legal in the United States. Call me crazy, but last time I checked I was only 20. If I live to be 80, there is no chance in hell I could spend 60 years waking up to the same person each and everyday. There's more to life than rushing to your happily ever after. You might just find it's not always so happy.

I'm not done finding my own way in this world and maybe I am the crazy one, because I believe you have to love and understand yourself before you can love and understand someone else...

Wednesday, June 9

Grey Skies

Jacket:Dollhouse; Pants:CandyCouture; Scarf:Barbara
Sandals:Bleka; Purse:Guess

I love it when my friends get new camera toys. They are usually eager to spend an afternoon testing them out. These are photo's taken by my friend Wayne. He's in the music industry and recently purchased a new camera in hopes of snapping candid pictures of his clients during recording sessions.

When you live in a small city and are faced with a dreary grey day, nothing is better than scouting a location and experimenting with a few shots.

Sunday, June 6

CARGOH Culture

DolmanTop: Blazer:Kismet; Leggings: Purse:Rampage;
Necklace:Forever21; Sunglasses:NicoleLee


I'm branching out this summer by accepting an internship with CARGOH, an online social media site.

What is Cargoh?

"You’ve heard of social media? Well, we’re a social marketplace. A place where artists, musicians, designers, and other miscellaneous creative types can build an online presence to not only show and sell their work, but to network and build a community. We’re all of this and more, wrapped up in a user-friendly, inexpensive solution to marketing and selling goods online."

My job will be to continue writing about what I know best... fashion and the great finds I come across in either music or photography. Needless to say I am very excited and about to become very busy.

Don't worry I won't forget about you here. Now you have two places to find my blog posts.

Wednesday, June 2

New Additions






With the weather being absolutely terrible and a lack of weekend day trips, I have resorted back to my ever faithful pass time; shopping...

These are some new items making their way into my closet.