Thursday, July 29

You Better Go Get Your Armor

I first saw these fun accessories from Armor Jewelry on BLEED FOR FASHION and I came across them again on Stanton James. I really, really love this stuff; although some pieces might be a bit much for some. I guess I just need to keep saving my pennies and add this to my never ending 'wish list'....

Tuesday, July 27


I had a terrible fright today. I was about to compliment a lady on how interesting and "lifelike" her snakeskin bracelet was.... until the head of the snake moved and stared me directly in the eyes. I screamed like a little girl and shook off the creepy crawly feeling. So now I sit here still traumatized and full of tension.

The "beautiful snakelet" did inspire me to fill you followers in on some awesome jewellery . My friend Ashley Insana recently created her own jewellery line Ashley I Designs and I am in love with it.

I met her on a visit to Chicago when she was first starting out. Her talent has developed so much since then and her pieces are hard to keep out of your shopping basket.

"I believe in the elegant simplicity of jewelry and I'm driven by the desire to create pieces that generate an emotional connection"

She is a wonderful full-time Mom and I don't know where she finds the time to manage her line. Her husband has a job that requires them to move quite a bit so right now she is having a huge sale that you can check out here.

Friday, July 23

Gentle Like A Fawn

Dress:GentleFawn; Belt:Forever21; Fedora:Jules&James; Shoes:Spring Jewellery:Miscellaneous

I was very privileged to land an awesome internship a few years ago with a company called Gentle Fawn. This dress was my mega score from their sample sale. I have to admit I haven't worn it before so I was thrilled when my friend Brien thought it would work for his idea for a photo shoot.

These pictures are from my first photo shoot with BJG Photography and I know it won't be the last. It was such a fun laid back shooting session and I'm very happy with how the pictures turned out.

I've often been told I look like Carrie Underwood, rather Carrie Fisher now. I joke about these pictures being the cover of my next country CD. If you want to see the full shoot click here


Wednesday, July 21

Off With Your Head

I have a headband collection Blair Waldorf would be envious of...

Most of my collection I have long forgotten where I purchased them from; I have a habit of collecting random accessories. I found a really great accessory store the other day called Silla Designs and purchased the first two headbands in these pictures.

Their tags stated they were homemade and I had a 5 minute long idea to create my own headbands... I'm over that. But you never know, one day I might pull out the glue gun and peacock feathers.

Friday, July 16

Like It Or Not

Top:Susie; Skirt:H&M; Belt:Unknown

A question I get asked a lot is "why did you move back here?"; here being my small hometown as opposed to living in Vancouver. I face the disgruntle stares and reply to the "this city has nothing to offer you" with the same response... Sometimes you need to move away to realize what you've got; you find out the things you want to live with in life and the things you can do without.

For me, my realization was that even in all the glamor of a big city, as fun as the frivolous events and fashion shows were, it was a life I could not live forever. To some my biggest downfall is I like my family too much. I'm happy living close to them and I seem to survive by bringing the party to where ever I go. The best part is I have a great familia on the coast I can pack up and visit anytime.

I love fashion and going back to my roots doesn't alter my desire to aspire in the industry any less; perhaps it pushes me more.
Success doesn't come from a city. You have to go out there and make it for yourself. There is nothing more gratifying than succeeding in the place that no one expects you too. For people who don't believe in me I thank them, it only makes me want it that much more.

Wednesday, July 14

The Lovers Need To Clear The Road

My girl Rihanna can always pull through for me. I went to the "Last Girl on Earth Tour" and had an absolute ball. Girrrl can put on a show. She performed all my favorite songs and simply proved that she is one baaaaad bitch. I came home from the concert even more inspired to rock a patent-leather thong leotard and dye my hair a firey red; no one can rock hair flips like Rihanna.

I love Rihanna because she is a classy lady who knows that sometimes you just need to stick your middle finger in the air.