Wednesday, March 30

Style Icon

While I may not be a huge fan of her style during her No Doubt days, I aspire to have a closet like Gwen Stefani. She 100% is my style icon; I love her edgy vibe and how she can completely transform into ultra glamour. I would wear almost every outfit she puts together; Harajuku outfits not included.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of celebs thinking they can conquer the 3 pillars of music, acting and fashion, but have been impressed with some pieces from her L.A.M.B. collection.; dying for her tweed harem pants

CNN recently sat down with her and she dished on all things fashion and style.

On why she started LAMB:

"I started the line honestly because nine or 10 years ago I didn't know how long I would be doing music. They ask you 'What are you going to do in 10 years,' and I didn't know, I just thought by then I want to have a family and I'm not going to be doing music but I wanted to do something creative."

On designing:

"For me the line is genuinely for myself. I want to make a line of clothes that I want to wear — it's kind of selfish…I'm not going to ever be a Vivienne Westwood. I'm trying to make clothes to wear everyday, that's what LAMB is. It's not a couture line."

On fashion and style:

"I think fashion is more of a fun sort of thing. It's an expression of yourself and your personality and your mood, it's not something we take super deep."

Monday, March 28

Your Average Person Would Never Wear...

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

"I don't dress for anybody else; I dress for myself.

If somebody doesn't like what I'm wearing, I don't give a shit.."

Friday, March 25

Shop Small City


Like what you see? Come shop with me..

I love the website "", it's a place where I can pick out lust worthy items that match my style and share them with you awesome followers. Now it's like I'm right there shopping with you. There are also tons of fashion forward celebs and seasonal trend boutiques to browse through.

Sunday, March 20

Seasons Change

Vero Moda


Michael Kors


Under The Desert Sun

Yes, I did make it back but barely alive. Apparently not EVERYTHING stays in Vegas, as I picked up a flu/cold that has left me sick for a complete week. I blame the 45 minutes of sleep I got before boarding the plane home & the lack of oxygen since arriving home. Needless to say, it was a perfect weekend getaway. The sunshine, shopping, & 30 heat was just what I needed to help pull me out of my winter coma.

Oh ya... I splurged & bought myself Michael...

*theme song of the trip

Wednesday, March 9

Viva Las Vegas

My Vegas trip is a sleep away...

My wardrobe theme is anything glitter, gold or glam... these pictures sum things up. All I know is it will be a whole lot of trouble --> "insert devilish grin in here".

Vegas, you're so not prepared for this.

Saturday, March 5

Thursday, March 3

Accessorizing Your Accessories

Photos Courtesy of: Le Fashion --> Marie Claire;December 2010

Things I Love:
-a little painted nail