Saturday, November 26

Shop Small

Get shopping!!

Sunday, November 20


Every book in here I wrote
Some I'm not too proud of
Some I wish I could burn
So many pages I wrote
Wish I could revise them
But there's no erasing
And the best advice I got
Was keep writing
And keep living
And keep loving
And when the ink dries
And the pages turn to dust,
So will we

- Frank Ocean

Friday, November 18


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Thursday, November 17

Chain Mail

photos courtesy of outsapop

I don't even know how to correctly describe these "hand chains" but I am lusting over them.

Sunday, November 13

Sister Similarities

W Magazine

Upstaging the Olsen's?

Mad for Madge


"To have fun, that's the main issue. To continue to be a provocateur, to do what we perceive as the realm of young people, to provoke, to be rebellious, to start a revolution."

Thursday, November 10

Best Dressed

Sibling Rivarly: The Best Dressed

Wednesday, November 9


I recently was watching this video in class and was approached by TWO classmates who asked:

a)what I was being interviewed for
b) why they had duplicated me.

I was flattered! I adore the Olsen Twins and - while I still think the infamous "Row Backback" is priced extremely high - I love this line.

Tuesday, November 8


A look into the creative mind of TOM FORD

Visionaries on OWN

"Style for me is someone who figures out who they are, what works on them, what they feel good in, and develops that - develops their character - and their outer expression of their character, is what is style..."

I love getting a glimpse into the lives of others, and no I don't simply mean "reality t.v.". This mini documentary on Tom Ford captivated me because it was so inspiring to see someone who lives and breathes what he is passionate about. He loves his "work" and that is something many of us are not able to say.

Sunday, November 6

Wednesday, November 2

Coming Up Rosie

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Vogue Germany
November 2011