Friday, January 28

The Greatest Show On Earth

Photos Courtesy of: Madame Figaro Greece

With threats of yet another winter storm and the threatening clouds forming, my brief "spring fever" has been wiped clear of my system. I guess those bright sunny days will come along eventually. I love these photos because they don't just include my favorite neutral color, but the looks show great examples of combining your winter woolens with a lighter flair as we approach the season where flowers bloom.

... do these photos make anyone else think of Water for Elephants
I cannot wait for that movie

Monday, January 24


love, love, LOVE....
listen, download & love.

The whole CD is absolutely amazing and I cannot get her off of repeat; I simply want to belt every song out at the top of my lungs... who am I kidding, I DO!!
Adele is my winter
as Robyn was my summer.

Someone Like You

Set Fire To Rain

Turning Tables

Take It All

Rolling In The Deep

Sunday, January 23

Ideal Living

Photos Courtesy of:

Lately I have been super obsessed with The Glamourai
These are some snapshots from her amazing New York apartment which is everything I aspire to have in a home. I love how she makes clutter "stuff" look eccentric.

Wednesday, January 19

BreakUp 101

1. Look Hot/Glamorous
2. Drink Champagne
3. Be photographed looking hot for Moet; the worlds largest Champagne House

.... you go Scarlett

Monday, January 17

Purrrfect Weather

1. Reindeer Portrait Top - Heritage 1981
2. Pirate Boot - Matisse
3. Skinny Cargo Pant - J Brand
4. Oversized Tortoise Watch - Michael Kors
5. Autograph Signing Coat - ModCloth
6. Heart Necklace & Golf Studded Cuff - Trina Turk

Wrap me up & send me outside; only while wearing an ensemble like this one. These pirate boots are my most recent online purchase from Matisse Footwear and I am eagerly awaiting their delivery. I can already feel my feet stomping through the snow drifts in them ..."sigh".

Saturday, January 15


Photos Courtesy of Lynol Lui
Make Up by Kristen Mrazek

I was so excited when I met Lynol; finally there is a person as fashion obsessed as I am. LYX has been all over the world studying & perfecting his artistic photography. When we first met I didn't plan on being the subject for his work.

We threw together a quick shoot to get to know each other better and see how we worked together. I had an absolute blast! These are the final photos from our shoot and I hope we work together again soon.

Wednesday, January 12

To Be Taken Lightly

Gone are the days of sending Blue Mountain e-cards to all your junior high besties. Never fear, I recently had a friend show me a grown up, crude version called BLUNTCARD . This website has several cards which reminded me of the terrible sense of humor my friends & I share.

The cards are NOT to be taken seriously; nothing is meant personally. Their intentions are meant in a very sarcastic, lighthearted way. I did find some cards take this over the edge and I apologize if they are found too offensive.

Fall in Love Everyday...

The Sartorialist

Sunday, January 9

Searching for Paradise

Photos:Harper's Bazaar

I've had enough....
I'm moving away from snow; well I'm at least booking an escape to the City of Sins.

Friday, January 7


My love for owls started a while back; before wearing an owl around your neck was cool. My first owl necklace was a DIY project; created out of boredom. Suddenly owl necklaces started showing up everywhere and I was relieved that I could spare myself a strenuous evening with my metal jewellery pliers.

I also love owl decor. When I find a "new thing" I go all into it; story of my life. My surprising find came when I was walking along the streets of Gastown in Vancouver. It's a store called Parliament and it definitely struck up my need to buy anything & everything owl.

Tuesday, January 4

Lusting & Loving

Burberry: FW 2010

Ughhh...I know it's way past its time in the fashion world but this collection still makes me drool. It's everything I want to be and more; oversized, military, earth tones, cozy couture & leather. I've been trying to find a fashion house that I could peg as my style wrapped into one; well I found it. I am Burberry right down to the Burberry Brit that is currently being soaked up on my skin.

Sunday, January 2

New Year - New Shoe

...& what a better way to start this year off than with my new shoe-a-day calendar.

A new year always means Facebook & Twitter status updates about "a new year, a new me"; well I call bullshit. I don't make resolutions because I am always the first to break them.

The first day of the new year is always viewed as a chance to start fresh with a clean slate but what about the other 364 days you have to get through. I'd be really screwed if I lived with that mentality because I mess up daily and if I had to wait a full year to start fresh, I would self destruct.

I take my new year seriously in the fact that it calls for me to pick out a new calendar; something that I will have to stare at for the next 12 months.

*Currently Loving