Thursday, May 27

Common Wealth

Spring/Summer 2010

Fall/Winter 2010

*Photos Courtesy of: Common Wealth Utilities

I found this Men's clothing line while spending a lazy Sunday afternoon watching Fashion Television. It was hard to tear my eyes away from the beautiful male models and well, the clothing is pretty fantastic too.

The designers, Anthony Keegan & Richard Christensen, met bartending but soon realized a mutual obsession: the bowtie. They understand that "not every dude wants to be Andre 3000 (or Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project)". They supplement their funny-formal aesthetic with stuff that even a frat boy could wear.

This is clothing every girlfriend would approve of...

Monday, May 24

Sexy In The City

I don't mean to overload on SATC but a friend recently posted these and I just had to pass them on to you.

These are the current window displays of Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Patricia Field, who was responsible for the glamorous fashion
of the show, styled each vignette in anticipation for the sequel out this Thursday.

Thursday, May 20

Because I Want To...

Here is my version of
1 item: 3 ways

This shirt is my latest $12 purchase from H&M, I am in love with it. I recommend you all run out to your nearest H&M and purchase one in every color.
I want to wear it all the time...
so I probably will.

Monday, May 17

Christina In Wonderland

Instyle Magazine
October 2009

I'm such a snoop, I love looking in people's homes. Having stumbled across these pictures, it became clear how Christina Aguilera could spend the last 4 years in seclusion. I was pretty blown away by the pad of the "Dirrrty" pop princess.

Remember, it's X-Tina we are talking about. Would you really expect a conventional white & beige Victorian style house? I think it's pretty cool; if you have the funds and can hire someone to do the work, why not...

Currently loving her leaked song---> Woo Hoo:ft Nicki Minaj

Sunday, May 16

Say No To Snooki

If you're anything like me, you have incredibly thin/fine hair and will do just about anything for volume. Nothing is sexier than voluptuous hair that screams "run your fingers through me"!!

These are a few pictures of the correct way to achieve the look; as opposed to the very, very tragic "Snooki Poof" so many girls seem to find attractive. The key ingredient to keeping this volume is a little product called "dust it". Buy it, try it and you won't go a day without it.